I’ve always known Summer to be one of those special humans with wide ranging emotions and an intuitive mind. Mix that with a profession in tarot and you have yourself a natural healer of the soul. Having meaningful conversations with Summer is effortless; having meaningful conversations through tarot with Summer is therapeutic. I can not stress enough how euphoric this experience was for me. For anyone interested in taking a deeper look into your life patterns and distilling meaning from your hardships— I would wholeheartedly recommend doing so with McSpiritual Healin

Tara (Facebook reviewer)

I have had wonderful experiences with McSpiritual Healing. Summer, the business owner is insightful as well as knowledgable about the art of tarot and was able to talk me through the cards chosen for me. With this, I was able to apply the reading to things going on in my life and set intentions to better myself, and my happiness. I highly recommend McSpiritual healing to anyone that has questions they need help answering, a fun edition to a party you are throwing, or just anyone that is generally interested in tarot and wants to learn more about it.

Krista (Facebook reviewer)

I received a one of a kind and very beautiful reading from McSpiritual Healing. Everything was detailed, broken down, and deeply explained so that I could understand and apply what my reading revealed to my life. Summer exhibits care, compassion, patience, and pays strict attention to detail in order to deliver a profoundly unique and personal experience!

Gabby (Facebook reviewer)

Had such a beautiful reading with Summer to kickstart the new year with a positive attitude!! Everyone needs a reminder sometimes to look forward and find the good in each day, and this was a beyond perfect way to do so. There is beauty in every journey

Natalie (Facebook reviewer)