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Intention alone makes crystal use a transformative experience, but a crystal healing session with me goes far beyond that. Allow me to intuitively select crystals whose energies are in alignment with you in this current moment, and we will devise a plan together for you to use them in meditation, rituals, and everyday use. We can just chat about crystal knowledge, or you can also purchase the crystals through me. Either way, get ready to transform your energy and the energies you attract through the practice of crystal use.



A tarot reading is one of those experiences that you just might not understand until you try - because it's impossible to describe just how powerful it is. After connecting with my spiritual guides and your own, we will intuitively select cards in order to decipher what kind of advice these guides have for you in regards to the present moment. What pains from your past are holding you back? Where are you meant to go in the future? These are all questions the Tarot can help us to answer.



Intuition is something that everyone has, whether you've been aware of your access to it your entire life, or you have absolutely no idea where to begin. In an intuitive coaching session with me, I will teach you how to begin recognizing the signs from spiritual guides in your own life, and how you can tune out the sound of the world around you in order to really hear the messages you should be listening to. We can also go over the different methods through which you can channel that information, such as crystals and the Tarot.

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Reiki healing is one thing you'll want to keep coming back for! Using the energy of the universe, you will find relaxation, relief, and restoration, whether you need it physically or emotionally. Surprisingly, this service can be done over distance or in-person, but either way, you will walk away feeling more aligned and grounded after this form of healing with the hands.



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