Summer McSpirit might only be twenty-one years old, but her spiritual abilities go to show that she has wisdom to offer far beyond her years. Growing up in Northern New Jersey and facing emotional trauma early on, Summer has been unofficially studying the Tarot, crystals, and astrology since childhood, but after facing two sexual assaults as a first-year student at Rutgers University in 2015, she felt called to dive deeper into her spirituality.

On one fateful journey to San Francisco with family members in April of 2017, Summer was told by another reader that the Archangels, specifically Raphael, were trying to work with her. The reader encouraged Summer to take the leap, ensuring her that she had the intuition and power within her to hear their messages, and Summer began to open herself up to the angels. They showed her how powerful Tarot could be if she shared it with others, showing them how she'd used it to overcome her struggles. Realizing what an impact the practice had had on her PTSD, depression, and perspective on life in general, she knew they were correct. And so McSpiritual Healing was born.

Flash forward two years, and Summer's spiritual gifts have grown immensely. Now a certified Usui Reiki healer, Summer has also taken two eight-week Tarot courses and a six-week Tarot course with the highly-praised, deeply-talented Lindsay Mack, and continues to study Tarot on her own as she incorporates her own interpretations and approach to reading. She graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Women, Gender, & Sexuality studies, and she looks forward to sharing her journey here as she continues to evolve as a tarot reader and energy healer!